Coastal ecosystems in Africa: New research papers

Rob Bruce
December 2, 2016

There are few coastal-based Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes in the developing world, yet they have the potential to contribute to localised poverty reduction, coastal protection and conservation, and carbon storage.

Our CESEA project aims to find ways to increase the number of communities that can benefit from PES schemes while highlighting the range of ecosystems that can be protected. The research is being undertaken in Kenya and Zanzibar, and focuses on mangrove forests and seagrass meadows.

The team have produced two research papers, one for Kenya and one for Zanzibar, which summarise their key findings about the importance of collaboration and governance to protect habitats and local communities.



Featured image (man in mangroves) courtesy of WorldFish. Main image (lagoon island) courtesy of Rachel Hamada.