Previous Funding Opportunities

The following documents were issued in support of previous ESPA funding opportunities. Please explore the list below, from our archive.

ESPA also provided researchers with funding to publish their academic papers and books openly (without payment by the end user) - to increase access. For news of funding that we gave for Open Access publications, please read our Open Access Grants reporting page

PDF icon AO1 & AO2 - Situation Analyses138.49 KB
PDF icon AO3 - Strenthening Research Capacity76.9 KB
PDF icon AO4 - Partnership and Project Development, and Programme Framework Grants353.08 KB
PDF icon AO6 - Consortia grants (part a - research specification)225.29 KB
PDF icon AO6 - Consortia grants (part b - application process)228.06 KB
PDF icon ESPA EIRG 2011165.8 KB
PDF icon EIRG 2011 Application Template75.13 KB
PDF icon EIRG 2011 CV Template27.72 KB
Office spreadsheet icon EIRG 2011 Financial Template114 KB
PDF icon EIRG 2011 FAQs13.84 KB
PDF icon ESPA-2012 Grants264.04 KB
PDF icon A07-ESPA-2012233.49 KB
PDF icon ESPA-2013 Grants38.53 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2013 (Part A)219.45 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2013 (Part B)190.74 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2013 (Part C)368.07 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2013 (Annex 1)17.89 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2013 (Annex 2)47.67 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2013 (Annex 3)308.67 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2013 (Annex 4)4.67 MB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2013 (Ethics Assessment Form)127.17 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2013 (FAQs)40.17 KB
PDF icon ESPA Fellowships 2014157.1 KB
PDF icon ESPA Fellowships 2014 Announcement of Opportunity182.22 KB
PDF icon ESPA Fellowships 2014 Application Form226.44 KB
PDF icon ESPA Fellowships 2014 Budget Form296.26 KB
PDF icon ESPA Fellowships 2014 CV Template34.49 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2014 (Part A).pdf273.78 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2014 (Part B).pdf617.57 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2014 (Annex 1).pdf17.92 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2014 (Annex 2).pdf46.07 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2014 (Annex 3).pdf413.87 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2014 (Annex 4).pdf8.28 MB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2014 (Ethics Assessment Form).pdf425.93 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2014 (Ethics Guidelines and Checklist).pdf499.39 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2014 (FAQs).pdf428.54 KB
PDF icon Announcement-of-Opportunity-Part-A-Scope-ESPA-2016-Grants.pdf670.62 KB
PDF icon Announcement-of-Opportunity-Part-B-Applying-for-ESPA-2016-Grants.pdf713.87 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2016-Annex 1-Low-income-countries.pdf21.23 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2016-Annex-2-Financial-conditions.pdf55.73 KB
PDF icon AO-ESPA-2016-Annex-3-Registering-on Je-S.pdf1.52 MB
PDF icon annex-4.pdf52.9 KB
Microsoft Office document icon ESPA-Regional-Opportunities-Fund-Application-Form-Mar-2016.doc669.5 KB
Microsoft Office document icon ESPA-Regional-Opportunities-Fund-CV-Template_0.doc104 KB
File ESPA-ROF-Terms-of-Reference-March 2016.docx234.39 KB
Office spreadsheet icon ROF-Financial-Form-2016.xls160 KB
PDF icon Open access fund application form.pdf181.01 KB