An assessment of the ecosystem service and livelihood implications of government development proposals in coastal Bangladesh

In this project, University of Southampton and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) will apply the Delta Dynamic Integrated Emulator Model (ΔDIEM) developed in the ESPA Deltas Project to assess selected proposals for coastal Bangladesh contained in the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP2100). It is expected that approximately 20 projects with poverty alleviation dimensions will be assessed, providing indicators concerning ecosystem services and rural livelihoods, complementing traditional project assessment. This assessment will be conducted in close collaboration with the General Economic Division (GED) of the Government of Bangladesh.

In addition, we will: (1) train the BUET team in Bangladesh to apply ΔDIEM to support GED in project assessment; (2) work with the BUET team, GED and others to identify the key gaps and needs to support the national BDP2100 where further investment in assessment approaches could be especially beneficial to poverty alleviation and the development of Bangladesh, such as extending the coverage and scope of ΔDIEM; and (3) develop a policy brief-type outcome summarising the outcomes of the research.

Lead Principal Investigator
Organisation: University of Southampton
Country: United Kingdom