Open Access Grants

The ESPA Directorate’s open access publication grants were launched originally in 2012 to increase the volume of high quality evidence published in open access journals by researchers within ESPA. The 2012 grant is closed.

It is ESPA's continued policy to encourage open access publications.

We have modified our Open Access Grant application criteria and form given the changes in open access policy across many UK universities. We continue to support open access and if you wish to apply please contact support [at] for an application form.

Project Title Lead PI Project Code
Addressing trade-offs in ecosystem services and multiple stakeholder wellbeing through participatory modelling Tim Daw OAG/2012-116
Carbon storage in the seagrass meadows of Gazi Bay, Kenya Mark Huxham OAG-2017-18-001
Conservancies, wildlife management areas and local wellbeing in East African rangelands Katherine Homewood OAG/2012-114
Costs of delivering benefits to local communities as part of REDD+ programs: an analysis from Madagascar Celia Harvey OAG-2017-18-004
Environmental justice research shows the importance of social feedbacks in ecosystem service trade-offs Neil Dawson OAG-2017-18-003
Environmental threats to sustainable living in low-lying reef systems: biodiversity preservation and Moluccan trading networks between 1600 and the present Patricia Howard OAG-2017-18-002
Estimating welfare impacts where property rights are contested: Methodological and policy implications Sarobidy Rakotonarivo OAG-2017-18-005
Extending the timescale and range of ecosystem services through paleoenvironmental analyses: the example of the lower Yangtze basin John Dearing OAG/2012-117
From Shiny Shoes to Muddy Reality: Understanding How Meso-State Actors Negotiate the Implementation Gap in Participatory Forest Management. Anne Kairu/ Mark Huxham OAG-2017-18-006
Paper 1: Strengthening conceptual foundation: analysing frameworks for ecosystem services and poverty alleviation research. Paper 2: Understanding the relationships between ecosystem services and poverty alleviation Janet Fisher OAG-2012-112