Framing Debates about Poverty Reduction and Ecosystem Services

Lead PI
Professor Daniel Brockington
The University of Manchester
Start Date
5 January, 2015
End Date
3 November, 2016
Project Code


The purpose of this research project is to set the agenda of research into poverty reduction and ecosystem services over the next ten years. It will do this by mapping and conceptualising the key disputes and areas of agreement that animate current debates in this field making it possible to distinguish between the different sorts of disagreement (and agreement) that exist between different epistemic communities. The nature of these disagreements is important because it determines the sort of work which is required to resolve current disputes (if they are resolvable) and so advance current understanding.

It will follow the model of a previous key paper written by some of the investigators in this project, and published in Science 10 years ago (Adams et al 2004), that served as a vital work on conservation and poverty. We intend to repeat that process, but will this time be more pro-active in using the concept paper to engage with stakeholders and epistemic communities to shape future research agendas.


Name Role Organisation Country
Professor Daniel Brockington
Professor Daniel Brockington Lead Principal Investigator The University of Manchester United Kingdom
Professor Bill Adams Co Investigator University of Cambridge United Kingdom
Dr Esteve Corbera Co Investigator University of East Anglia United Kingdom