Ecosystem Services, Wellbeing and Justice: Developing Tools for Research and Development Practice

Lead PI
Professor Thomas Sikor
University of East Anglia
Start Date
1 November, 2013
End Date
30 April, 2016
Project Code



The management of ecosystems in the Global South often involves trade-offs between the conservation of ecosystems, the provision of associated services (such as food) and protection from related disservices (such as crop raids).

In our ESPA-funded 'Just Ecosystem Management' project, we found that the use of justice analyses improved our conceptual understanding of such trade-offs, and provided theoretical insights into how we might work to resolve them. This follow-on project combined those insights on justice with recent innovations in wellbeing research, 

We built on the knowledge of the Nam Et Phou Loeuy region in northern Laos accumulated under the I-REDD+ Project, and compared these with three interventions intended to reconcile global and local ES: resettlement, use combined with protection, and tourism revenue sharing.

All of this was done in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in consultation with local stakeholders including government officials, NGOs and researchers.

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Name Role Organisation Country
Professor Thomas Sikor Lao PDR
Professor Thomas Sikor Lead Principal Investigator University of East Anglia United Kingdom
Mr Finn Danielsen Co Investigator NORDECO Denmark
Dr Adrian Martin Co Investigator University of East Anglia United Kingdom
Dr Ole Mertz Co Investigator University of Copenhagen Denmark
Dr Sithong Thongmanivong Co Investigator National University of Laos Lao PDR
Mr Neil Matthew Dawson Researcher University of East Anglia United Kingdom
Mrs Laura Vang Rasmussen Researcher University of Copenhagen Denmark
Mr Sengmany Bouthavong Unknown National University of Laos Lao PDR
Mr Sisouthone Oupaxayorvanh Unknown National University of Laos Lao PDR
Miss Souvanna Phaengsisomboun Unknown National University of Laos Lao PDR
Mr Daovorn Thongpanh Unknown National University of Laos Lao PDR
Mr Phaeng Xaydongvanh Unknown National University of Laos Lao PDR