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April 2018

ESPA's headline messages for policy-makers and multiple language versions - Africa Declaration - highlights from Nepal, India and Kenya finale events - reflections from ESPA's Director Kate Schreckenberg


March 2018

ESPA movie special - flagship documentary with ESPA's key messages - films of eco-friendly cocoa in Ghana and decision-making in Bangladesh's climate-vulnerable delta - protected areas animation 


February 2018

Policy pointers and learning from ESPA - governing natural resources - ecosystems in urbanising and peri-urban areas - climate-smart agriculture - the African experience in using ecosystem models for policy-making


December 2017

All about ESPA's 2017 Annual Science Conference in Edinburgh, UK - presentations and colourful graphics for download


November 2017

Tanzania wildlife management - professional development courses - people, patches and parasites - modeling ecological and social systems.