ESPA’s research spans the continent: from Sierra Leone in the west - where the programme is looking at how changing land use increases the spread of Lassa fever by rats - to Kenya in the east - where the programme has started up the world’s first community carbon credit scheme for mangrove forests.

Elsewhere in Africa, the programme is looking at the impact on local ecosystems and livelihoods of different rangeland management practices; at the complex relationships between coastal communities and the natural services they rely on; and the social and ecological consequences of planting biofuel crops such as Jatropha or sugarcane.

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Situational Analysis - Semiarid Sub-Saharan Africa Region

Consortium Director:

Prof Christo Fabricius, Khanya-African Institute for Community-Driven Development


  • Prof Charlie Shackleton, Rhodes University, South Africa
  • Kees Vogt, SOS-Sahel International-CRAC-GRN, Niger
  • Michael Mortimer, Drylands Research
  • Ivan Bond, International Institute for Environment & Development, UK
  • Mark Smith, World Conservation Union (IUCN), Switzerland

See the Final Report from the project.