Public perceptions of papyrus: community appraisal of wetland ecosystem services at Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Authors Morrison, E.H.J.; Upton, C.; Pacini, N.; Odhiambo-K'oyooh, K.; Harper, D.M.
Year of Publication 2013
Type of Publication Journal Article
Journal Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology
Volume 13
Issue 2
Pagination 135-147
Open Access No


Papyrus wetlands form ecological buffer zones, protecting lake shallows from sedimentation and open water from eutrophication. Multiple wetland processes and functions also support the livelihoods of adjacent riparian communities. However, ecohydrologists have in the past typically placed insufficient emphasis on social and cultural factors operating within the catchments that they study. Here we outline a process that better integrates social science research methods within ecohydrology, using the ‘language’ of ecosystem services to prioritise objectives for the rehabilitation of papyrus wetlands at Lake Naivasha in Kenya. Reference is made to Lake Victoria for comparison and to illustrate how and why stakeholders’ perceptions of wetland services may vary over even short distances.