Developing an ecosystem system modeling guidebook for policy-makers

There have been a growing number of guidebooks developed in recent years aimed at providing policy-makers with clear guidance on the steps and methods for assessing ecosystem goods and services. These guidebooks are often written by technical experts and focus on comparing and discussing model specificities, inputs and outputs of different ecosystem assessment models, and tend to particularly target technical professionals. There have also been quite a number of guidebooks developed to show policymakers the steps and valuation methods for assessing ecosystem services.

However, these reports and policy-maker guidebooks do not generally provide the clear, comprehensive guidance that could help policy-makers better understand what ecosystem services models are most appropriate for answering their specific policy questions, as many of them have little or no technical background on ecosystem modeling. Therefore, there is a knowledge gap in terms of systematically mapping ecosystem valuation modelling tools in a way that could help policymakers quickly identify the most appropriate tools for their specific purposes.

This project aimed to bridge this knowledge gap and provide clear guidance to help policy-makers and practitioners in Sub-Saharan Africa to better understand and select ecosystem models that are the most appropriate in a specific policy context.

Together with ESPA/Small Grant/2017-18/01, this project funded the production of a guidebook on ecosystem service modelling.

Authors: Bullock, J.M.; Ding, H.
Year: 2018
Lead Principal Investigator
Organisation: World Resources Institute
Country: United States of America