Regional Opportunities Fund, Small Grants and Impact Activity Fund

Project Title Lead PI Project Code
A model for multi-functional forest-agriculture landscapes in Africa – embedding ECOLIMITS in the Ghana Cocoa-Forest REDD+ Programme John Mason IAF2017-18-003
Advancing equity in Protected Area conservation: from theory to practice Phil Franks IAF2017-18-004
An assessment of the ecosystem service and livelihood implications of government development proposals in coastal Bangladesh Robert Nicholls ROF-2017-18-01
Analysing the multi-level governance of renewable natural resources Fiona Nunan ESPA/ROF/2016-17/02
Bioenergy at the confluence of ecosystem services, energy security, food security and poverty alleviation in southern Africa Alexandros Gasparatos ESPA/ROF/2016-17/04
Conference support: Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal & the Himalaya Bhaskar Vira ESPA/SmallGrants/2015-16/02
Developing a framework and tools for enhancing equity and justice in protected area management Kate Schreckenberg ESPA/ROF/2015-16/02
Developing an ecosystem system modeling guidebook for policy-makers Helen Ding ROF-2017-18-02
Developing capacity to support the integration of environmental data into multidimensional poverty indicators for improved poverty measurement and alleviation Neil Burgess IAF2017-18-002
ESPA insights on modelling approaches James Bullock ESPA/Small Grant/2017-18/01
Exploring water and urbanisation in the Himalayas: bridging communities of practice through photography and place Bhaskar Vira IAF2017-18-001
Facilitating the application of citizen science in a flood resilience programme of Nepal Bhopal Pandeya ESPA/ROF/2016-17/01
PES for trainers and practitioners: transforming knowledge for policy impact Ina Porras IAF-2017-18-006
Sharing the SPACES knowledge assets: Screening policies and interventions for diverse impacts on wellbeing Tim Daw IAF-2017-18-005
Soil, forests and agriculture: what challenges to face climate change in Madagascar? Herintsitohaina Razakamanarivo ESPA/SmallGrants/2015-16/01
Spreading the impact of Mikoko Pamoja Mark Huxham ESPA/SmallGrants/2016-17/02
Stakeholder mapping, research gap analysis and ESPA action plan in Bangladesh Dwijen Mallick ESPA/ROF/2014-15/01
Water:shared - exchanging ESPA lessons with Bolivia, Madagascar and Mozambique Nigel Asquith ESPA/ROF/2016-17/03
Water:shared - Presenting the results of ESPA research to practitioners and policy-makers at the Global Landscapes Forum 2015 Nigel Asquith ESPA/ROF/2015-16/01
Ways in which ecosystem services/dis-services contribute to urban resilience in rapidly urbanising Asia Jim Jarvie ESPA/Small Grants/2016-17/01