Stakeholder mapping, research gap analysis and ESPA action plan in Bangladesh

The purpose of this grant was to assess how ESPA research can best be targeted at different interest groups in Bangladesh, with a view to its effective uptake and use.

The study undertook desk-based review, consultations, and interviews with key informants, e.g., the Principal Investigators of ESPA studies in Bangladesh, the South Asia region, and national and international stakeholders.

The project mapped different stakeholder groups’ interest, stake, power and influence, and role in the use and uptake of ESPA research. A workshop prioritised actions and targets needed for effective development impacts.

The key findings of the research were shared at a national stakeholder dissemination and consultation workshop in Dhaka. The workshop was attended by ESPA partners, representatives from research and academic institutes, civil society organisers and government policy-makers. 

Lead Principal Investigator
Organisation: Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies
Country: Bangladesh