P4ges team inputs to Malagasy Government preparations for COP21

A team from the ESPA-funded p4ges project has helped the Malagasy Government prepare Madagascar’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCS) document for last year’s United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNCFC) Paris Climate Conference, also known as COP21.

The UNFC’s Conference of the Parties (COP) invited all nations to submit INDCS in advance of the conference to publicly outline what post-2020 climate actions they intend to tackle.

Madagascar has pledged to reduce GHC emissions by 14% and increase carbon sequestration by 32%. Madagascar is also committed to reforestation, seeking to deliver an indigenous species reforestation program of 270,000 ha.

Focussed on Madagascar’s eastern rainforests, the p4ges project investigates how reforestation and forest conservation could influence the flow of locally and globally valued ecosystem services, and the net local welfare impacts of such schemes.

The p4ges team also helped the Malagasy government prepare its COP21 side event ‘Human Rights and Biodiversity’, featuring their own presentation ‘Ensuring REDD+ delivers biodiversity and social benefits to local communities: experiences from Madagascar.’

Four representatives from p4ges joined the Malagasy delegation at COP21. They were involved in fielding queries from attendees, presenting and contributing to roundtable discussions and also displayed project posters at the Madagascar Pavilion.

P4ges was also highlighted as one of the “two most important research projects on ecosystem services in Madagascar” by the country’s Director of Research Claudine Ramiarison.

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