ESPA-funded research in top 20 most impressive examples of UK research contributing to development

UKCDS have now published their collection of the top 20 most impressive examples of UK research contributing to development. These were selected from the 6,975 case studies submitted to the Research Excellence Framework 2014 - the system that’s used to assess the research quality of all UK universities.

ESPA would like to congratulate ESPA Principal Investigator, Mark Huxham whose ESPA-funded project Swahili Seas is featured in the top 20. Essential Coastal Ecosystems explores how the research led to design of a community project which helped to protect and restore the mangrove forests which fringe the African coastline.

Mangroves provide many vital services to tropical regions including storm protection, filtering pollutants and providing a nursery area for fish. In addition, recognising mangroves role as natural carbon sinks also meant the project could generate income for the local community through an international carbon credit scheme – boosting local livelihoods whilst helping to tackle climate change.

View the top 20 case studies

View Mark Huxham’s case study - Essential Coastal Ecosystems