What have ESPA researchers learned? Join the discussion

Valeria Izzi, ESPA Learning Specialist
September 7, 2017

As the ESPA programme comes to a close, we have embarked on an effort to reflect on all that was learned during this journey, and to capture these lessons so that can be useful to current and future programmes, funders, researchers and partners. Of course, this can only be meaningfully done with the involvement of the ESPA researchers and partners.

We aim to investigate and capture learning at two levels:

• At the project level: How ‘impactful’ have ESPA-funded research projects been? What factors have contributed to impact? What have been the challenges? We’ll investigate questions related to research uptake, accessibility and communication of research findings, community involvement and co-production, among others.

• At the programme level: To what extent has the ESPA programme provided a ‘value added’, making the whole (i.e. the overall ESPA programme) greater than the sum of its parts (i.e. the individual projects funded by ESPA)? What are the advantages and potential trade-offs of adopting the ESPA model?

Two dimensions have been singled out for specific attention, as they are integral to ESPA’s approach and ethos:

  • Interdisciplinarity: To what extent have ESPA-funded projects been interdisciplinary? What challenges have been encountered in working across disciplinary boundaries? Does the experience of ESPA confirm the assumption of a correlation between interdisciplinarity and development impact?
  • Partnership: How have North/South partnerships functioned in the context of the ESPA projects? What have been the challenges? How have partnerships contributed to development impact?

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Featured image courtesy of Dean Calma/IAEA