Guidelines for the Use of ESPA Logos and Logo Blocks

The ESPA logo is multi-purpose and is designed to be used across print and digital media. It can be placed anywhere within a document, either on its own or alongside other logos.

ESPA's master logos and support graphics are available communication [at] (subject: Request%20for%20ESPA%20logo) (on request), as is further advice and guidance on which version of the logo to use.

Versions of the Logo and the Situations Where they Should be Applied

  • ESPA Logos

ESPA-funded projects must always display the ESPA logo on any promotional and corporate material including on publications, reports, presentations, websites and stationery.

The ESPA logo comes in two main versions:

  • The full logo, which includes the acronym ‘espa’ and the words Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation
  • The smaller half logo, which includes just the acronym ‘espa’

Any use of the ESPA logo must include at least one instance of the full logo, and subsequent use (such as its appearance on other pages) can be of the Half Logo.

Both of these logos come in ‘Reverse’ forms with white text (instead of blue text) which should be used when placed against darker, coloured backgrounds.

The ESPA logos are available as .eps files (print-ready versions). If required for on-screen use (e.g. for a website) they should be converted by the users to a more suitable file format, such as .gif or .png.

  • ESPA Logo Blocks

The larger EPSA logo block is designed to be used at the foot of the final page of documents, the bottom of the back cover of leaflets and booklets, or at the bottom of webpages.

The ESPA logo block is available as an .eps file (print-ready version). If required for on-screen (e.g. for a website) they should be converted by the user to a more suitable file format, such as .gif or .png.

Full-colour and black and white versions of the ESPA logo block are communication [at] (subject: ESPA%20logo%20request) (available) for use.

The logo block acknowledges the support of DFID, NERC, and ESRC. If the ESPA logo is used without the additional use of the ESPA logo block, then the following acknowledgement must also be included somewhere in the text:

The ESPA programme is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).’

Where to Use the ESPA Logo

All materials (whether print or digital) produced by ESPA-funded projects with the intention of release into the public domain must display the ESPA logo and/or ESPA logo block in accordance with these Guidelines.

Websites should display the ESPA logo on every page, and the ESPA logo block on at least one page of the site.

A minimum area of clear space should always be kept around the ESPA logo and the ESPA logo block, to ensure that they stand out clearly. This is the exclusion zone, and its depth is determined by the width of the letter ‘a’ in the acronym ‘espa’. Nothing, including the edge of a page, should be within the exclusion zone.

The Creation of Project Logos

We are happy for projects to produce their own logos and identities in collaboration with the ESPA Directorate that complement and enhance the ESPA brand.

Before you produce your own ESPA project logo or project website, please contact the communication [at] (ESPA Directorate) to discuss your requirements.


If you are require further clarification on any issues regarding ESPA branding, identity and logo usage, please contact the communication [at] (ESPA Directorate).