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Past events

ESPA 2013 Annual Science Conference  Winners and Losers: Trade-offs in Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation The ESPA 2013 Annual Science Conference took place at Charles Darwin House, London, UK on the 20th and 21st of...
Venue:Charles Darwin House, London
The UK’s Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) and Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS) programmes held a one-day event in London to bring together their research communities and users of research...
Venue:Spectra Convention Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh
The workshop on “Sharing and Synergy Building in ESPA Projects in Bangladesh” was jointly organized by the Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) and the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) and it was held on...
Venue:Excel Centre, London
The 11th INTECOL Congress (The International Association for Ecology), Ecology: Into the next 100 years was held in London as part of the centenary celebrations of the British Ecological Society. The theme of the Congress was...
Venue:Charles Darwin House, London
The ESPA-2012 Inception Workshop was designed to bring together representatives of the science teams from each of the newly funded ESPA-2012 projects. The workshop provided an opportunity to promote discussion between projects,...
Venue:Hilton Hotel, Nairobi and Whitesands Hotel, Mombasa
The Researchers and Policy Workshops brought together 30 researchers, policy makers, community-based organizations, farmers and environmental stakeholders in Nairobi on 10th June, 2013 and in Mombasa on 11th-12th June, 2013...
Venue:University of Southampton, UK
Multidisciplinary Research Week 2013 at the University of Southampton Ecosystem services is a term used to describe the multitude of resources humans benefit from nature such as clean air, water, and food. As human population grow...
Venue:Charles Darwin House, London, UK
On the 21st of November, there was a research theme development workshop for the ESPA 2013 funding call to jumpstart the framing of the research themes. Following the workshop, the ESPA Programme Executive Board reviewed outputs...
Venue:London, UK
The ESPA Science Conference was held in London on 19 and 20 November 2012. The goal of the conference was to bring the ESPA research community up-to-date with developments in ESPA science, including new results, new projects,...
Venue:University of Southampton
The United Nations ‘World Development Information Day’ aimed to mobilise world public opinion to development problems and the need to strengthen international cooperation to solve them. The Sustainability Science at Southampton (...