Research Into Use Event

17 Jan 2014
Date/Time: 10:00, 16:00, 17 January, 2014
Venue: International Institute for Environment & Development, London

The final report from the ESPA Research into Use Workshop is available here.

The link the ESPA RIU project's webiste is available here.

The ESPA programme will improve the lives of poor people in developing countries only when the world-class research generated by projects is put into use informing policy and practice.  Research is perceived to be core for designing effective developmental policies, strategies and programmes.  Increasingly, funders need to demonstrate impact. ESPA needs to deliver world-class science linking the sustainable management and use of ecosystem services to poverty alleviation, and then to maximise the spread, meaningful use and ultimately impact of this research.  This is no easy task and ESPA is not alone in trying to understand how research is put into effective use.

It is recognised that there is no blueprint for putting research into use and there is a dearth of quality publications on this subject.  This topic is increasingly important and it is evident that there are a number of examples where research into use is being explored more explicitly.  To this end, ESPA commissioned the University of Cambridge to undertake a small research project to ascertain which approaches are useful for putting ESPA research into use for reducing poverty and inclusive growth?

This workshop centred around the findings of this project, a strategic review of current and emerging practices of getting research into use on a global scale with relevance to ESPA.  It is hoped that this workshop will broaden the discussion on this current issue and assist ESPA (and other) researchers in making better use of their research.

The outcomes of the workshop will be used to inform the ESPA programme’s approach to building impact, the revision of its Research Into Use Strategy and impact activities funded by the ESPA Directorate including a new Regional Opportunities Fund for ESPA.

The workshop agenda is available here.

The final report from the ESPA Research into Use Workshop is available here.

Presentations from the Event

Andy Frost Video

Bhaskar Vira Video

Rohini Chaturvedi Video

Louise Shaxson Video

Nigel Asquith Video

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