Planet Under Pressure

25 Mar 2012
Start Date/Time: 23:00, 25 March, 2012
End Date/Time: 23:00, 28 August, 2012
Venue: London, UK

Convenors: Paul van Gardingen, ESPA Directorate, University of Edinburgh; Georgina Mace, ESPA Directorate, Imperial College London; Liz Carlile, ESPA Directorate, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED); Caroline Howe, ESPA Directorate, Imperial College London

View the video of the ESPA session at Planet Under Pressure 2012 here.

Read the short summary report of the Conference here.

The ESPA session at the Planet Under Pressure Conference in March 2012 promoted a global discussion on the opportunities and challenges associated with using ecosystems services to reduce poverty. Chaired by Professor Paul van Gardingen, a set of case studies from the four ESPA regions – Africa, South Asia, China and Amazonia – were presented.  These highlighted how ecosystem services can improve the lives of the poor and start to enumerate the real costs to people of environmental degradation.  A panel of international discussants, including a number of developing country experts, were asked to give their reflections on the issues raised.

The session was largely organised as a virtual event with the majority of invited participants joining electronically, illustrating that in order to address the challenges of a planet under pressure, we need to start working in new ways.