ESPA Summer School 2016

10 Apr 2016
Start Date/Time: 13:00, 10 April, 2016
End Date/Time: 14:00, 16 April, 2016
Venue: New Lanark Mill Hotel

ESPA organised a Summer School which took place 10-16 April 2016 and was held at the New Lanark Mill Hotel which is located at the New Lanark World Heritage Site.

The Summer School was open to non-ESPA researchers and users of research, as well as the immediate ESPA community, and there were up to 30 scholarships available, covering the full attendance fee plus up to £1,000 towards travel costs. 

It aimed to enhance participants understanding of the way that ecosystem services can sustainably enhance the well-being of poor people in developing countries.  There were activities to help participants develop through acquiring new knowledge, understanding new methods, building development impact, and for ESPA Fellows, targeted professional development.  

The event report and most of the presentation can be found here

If you have any questions regarding the Summer School, please contact Julie Hands at


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