ESPA-2012 Inception Workshop

26 Jun 2013
Date/Time: 08:45, 17:30, 26 June, 2013
Venue: Charles Darwin House, London

The ESPA-2012 Inception Workshop was designed to bring together representatives of the science teams from each of the newly funded ESPA-2012 projects.

The workshop provided an opportunity to promote discussion between projects, looking for areas of potential synergy that could enhance the overall scientific and development impact of projects and of the ESPA programme.

Project participants were able to interact with the four main groups responsible for the governance and direction of the ESPA programme. These were:

  • The ESPA Programme Executive Board (PEB) (representing ESPA’s three funders)
  • The ESPA Directorate (providing scientific direction and enhancing impact)
  • The ESPA International Programme Advisory Committee (I-PAC) (providing independent advice on strategic and technical aspects of the programme)
  • The ESPA Secretariat (responsible for the administration of the programme)

The workshop focused on sharing experiences between projects, with an emphasis on research/knowledge activities and outcomes. Presentations from projects emphasised the research that each team will undertake (hypotheses, methods, data and analysis) along with the major expected scientific outcomes (academic impact). Projects also had the opportunity to hear from various members of the ESPA Directorate about how they can lend support to projects in various ways.

The afternoon featured parallel breakout sessions. Projects met with members of the ESPA Programme Executive Board and Secretariat as well as with the Directorate. Short sessions were also held between project representatives and Catherine Lyall and Laura Meagher, who are leading a Directorate-commissioned independent learning review into ESPA’s approach to commissioning interdisciplinary research. ESPA-2012 projects were able to share with Catherine and Laura their experiences of the application and review process for the ESPA-2012 funding call. (The learning review will inform other interdisciplinary research programmes in the future.)

The workshop agenda is available here.

The workshop report is available here.

The workshop participant record is available here.

Presentations from the ESPA-2012 Inception Workshop

Directorate Presentations

ESPA-2012 Project Presentations