Impact Stories

Our research is already making a difference to poor people’s lives around the world. Find out how our research led to real development impact and on the ground solutions…

Impact Stories

ESPA in South Asia
November 2014

Find out how ESPA projects in South Asia are tackling the regions most important issues; food security, water security and climate change

South Asia VF WEB.pdf
The Decision Network
June 2014

Knowing why people choose to use resources in particular ways is essential to achieve sustainable management.

ESPA Decision Network_web.pdf
ESPA in East Africa
November 2013

ESPA’s research in East Africa focuses on the complex interplay between nature and livelihoods.

Remote control
September 2013

Technology is allowing once isolated mountain communities to monitor and shape their environment.

ESPA Remote Control.pdf
Cutting back on cutting down
August 2013

Bringing science and people together has produced an effective alternative to REDD+ for Bolivia's government.

ESPA Cutting back.pdf
Doing justice to poverty and ecology
July 2013

Conservation and poverty alleviation can go hand in hand, but only if issues of justice are addressed.

Sugar rush
July 2013

Will the environmental impact of sugarcane be sweet or leave Ghana's poor with a nasty aftertaste?

Unearthing history, preventing disaster
March 2013

Long-term regional records of ecological and economic change can inform development planning.

All washed up?
March 2013

Combining traditional and scientific knowledge is allowing villages to profit from a failed biofuel.