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Logical Framework

The ESPA Logical Framework is a monitoring tool used to measure the progress of ESPA-funded research, using key statistics derived from standard project reporting, and some additional information gathered by the Directorate. The ESPA programme is assessed against this Logical Framework (logframe) annually.

The full 2017 report is available to download as a PDF

The ESPA programme has performed well against the indicators in the Logical Framework:

  • The programme recorded 36 examples of ESPA research outputs being reflected in national, regional or international development policies and practice (against a target of 20)
  • £54.6 million of development spend being informed by ESPA science (against a target of £40 million)
  • This year the programme has recorded a cumulative total of 292 journal articles, of which 87% were published in ISI journals
  • Although the ESPA programme is achieving good rates of open access publication of around 60%, it has failed to meet its aspiration of providing a fully open access knowledge and evidence base
  • The programme recorded 124 examples of ESPA researchers contributing to national, regional or international policy processes, exceeding its 2017 target of 110
  • The percentage of academic papers attributed to ESPA with developing country authorship was 59% against a target of 65%, and the percentage of publications with a developing country lead author was 25% in line with the target

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All new data resulting from the ESPA programme is stored in open access repositories.


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