Urban poverty in Bangladesh: Slum communities, migration and social integration

Authors Roy, M.
Year of Publication 2014
Type of Publication Journal Article
Journal Urban Studies
Volume 51
Issue 7
Pagination 453-457
Open Access Yes


The study of urban poverty in Bangladesh has so far been patchy, often limited to collections of chapters (Islam, 2010; Rahman, 2011), or based on non-representative surveys (e.g. Islam et al., 1997; Urban Partnerships for Poverty Reduction (UPPR), 2010), or focused on municipal governance (Murtaza, 2002), or concerned primarily with Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city (Afsar, 2000; Begum, 1999; Siddiqui et al., 2000, 2010). What is missing is commanding scholarship on the urbanization process – such as the ways in which Schandel (2009) and Lewis (2011) have studied Bangladesh’s historical and governance settings.