Investing in Latin America's water factories: Incentives and institutions for climate compatible development

Authors Asquith, N.
Year of Publication 2013
Type of Publication Journal Article
Journal Harvard Review Of Latin America
Volume 2013
Pagination 21-24
Open Access Yes


Trouble had been brewing in the Bolivian village of Santa Rosa for weeks. That morning, one of Serafin Carrasco’s cows had been killed, the neighbors angry that Serafin and his four colleagues were starting a watershed forest conservation program. “We should wait a few months for the tension to disappear,” the four others had agreed. Although alone in his determination, Serafin was in no mood to give up. “No one will tell me what I can and cannot do on my land” he declared, pounding on the table. “Every year the rains fail and every year there is less water in the river. I will conserve my forest in order to protect our water and I will ask the people downstream to help me do so.”