Assessing equity in national legal frameworks for REDD plus : The case of Indonesia

Authors Ituarte-Lima, C.; McDermott, C.L.; Mulyani, M.
Year of Publication 2014
Type of Publication Journal Article
Journal Environmental Science & Policy
Volume 44
Issue 10
Pagination 291-300
Open Access No


Schemes for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and enhancing carbon stocks (REDD+) have raised concerns about their effects on forest communities and social equity more generally. National legal frameworks play a critical role in mediating these concerns within different country contexts, from the definition of fundamental constitutional rights to the articulation of specific REDD+ legislation. However, the complexity of REDD+ and its associated legal frameworks makes assessing the balance of rights, responsibilities, benefits and costs challenging indeed. This paper draws on a case study of Indonesia to illustrate how the application of an equity framework can help navigate this complexity.