Amazonian rain forests and drought: response and vulnerability

Authors Meir, P.; Woodward, I.
Year of Publication 2010
Type of Publication Journal Article
Journal New Phytologist
Volume 187
Issue 3
Pagination 553-557
Open Access Yes


Natural variation in moisture availability affects the productivity of tropical ecosystems more profoundly than any other climatic variable. As a result, drought is perhaps the most important climatic threat to tropical forests. Climate-change scenarios for the 21st century have suggested decreased soil-moisture availability in certain regions of the world (Bateset al., 2008). Notably, the rain forests of Amazonia have been considered to be at particular risk, especially when possible climate impacts are examined alongside an increased incidence of land-use change (Scholze et al., 2006; Soares-Filho et al., 2006; Malhi et al., 2008).