Situation Analyses Projects

These are the details of projects funded under the early ESPA calls. The documents issued in support of the calls are held in Previous Call Documents section. The NERC website also holds Final Reports from all of these projects.

Regional Situation Analyses

Amazon/Andes Region

Consortium Director:

Dr Roberto Porro, Amazon Initiative Consortium for Conservation & Sustainable Resource Use, Brazil


Dr Silvia Benitez, The Nature Conservancy, USA
Dr Jorge Rubiano, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Dr Mark Mulligan, King's College London, UK
Dr Luis German Naranjo, WWF, Colombia
Dr Andy Jarvis, International Centre for Tropical Agriculture, Colombia

Period of Award: 13.08.07–12.03.08. Value: £250,580.

Available from the project is: the Final Report Part 1, the Final Report Part 2, plus Annexes.


Semiarid sub-Saharan Africa Region

Consortium Director:

Prof Christo Fabricius, Khanya-African Institute for Community-Driven Development


Prof Charlie Shackleton, Rhodes University, South Africa
Kees Vogt, SOS-Sahel International-CRAC-GRN, Niger
Michael Mortimer, Drylands Research
Ivan Bond, International Institute for Environment & Development, UK
Mark Smith, World Conservation Union (IUCN), Switzerland

Period of Award: 13.08.07–12.03.08. Value: £249,910.

Available from the project is the Final Report.


China Region

Consortium Director:

Prof Zhang Li-Jian, Chinese Academy for Agricultural Science


Prof Ma Zonglin, Ningxia Centre for Environment and Poverty Alleviation, China
Prof Wu Zhandong, Ningxia Development and Reform Commission, China
Dr Neville Ash, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, UK
Dr Loke Wai Hong, CAB International, Malaysia
Dr Christine Tam, Stanford University (The Natural Capital Project), USA
Dr Andrew Challinor, Walker Institute for Climate Systems Research at the University of Reading, UK

Period of Award: 10.09.07–09.04.08. Value: £266,971.

Available from the project is: their website at, the Final Report, the Ningxia Case Study, plus Annexes.


India Hindu Kush Himalaya Region

Consortium Director:

Dr RK Pachauri, The Energy & Resources Institute, India


Dr Lucy Emerton, World Conservation Union (IUCN), Sri Lanka
Prof Ed Maltby, Institute for Sustainable Water, Integrated Management and Ecosystem Research (SWIMMER) at the University of Liverpool, UK
Dr Imran Matin, BRAC University, Bangladesh
Dr Shaheen Khan, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan

Period of Award: 06.08.07–05.03.08. Value: £254,977.

Available form the project is: the Final Report, the Annex coverAnnex A Discussion PaperAnnex B Country ReportsAnnex C Workshop Reports.

Thematic Situation Analyses


Urban/Rural Interactions: the Desakota Assessment

Consortium Director:

Dipak Gyawali, Institute for Social & Environmental Transition-Nepal, Nepal


Dr Marcus Moench, Institute for Social and Environmental Transition, USA
Dr Daanish Mustafa, King's College London, UK

Period of Award: 01.10.07–30.04.08. Value: £294,739.

Available from the project is: the Final Report Part 1, the Final Report Part 2 A Reinterpreting Urban Rural continuum, the Final Report Part 2 B Vulnerability disasters and poverty, the Final Report Part 2 C Natural Science Review- part I, the Final Report Part 2 C Natural Science Review- part II, the Final Report Part 2 D Social Science Literature Review, the Final Report Part 2 E1  Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Literature Review; the Final Report Part 2 E2 China Regional Literature Review, the Final Report Part 2 E3 Amazon Andes Regional Literature Review, the Final Report Part 2 F1 Case Study Bangladesh, the Final Report Part 2 F2 Case Study Gujarat India, the Final Report Part 2 F3 Case Study Nepal India, the Final Report Part 2 F4 Case Study Pakistan, the Final Report Part 2 G1 Case Study Mwanza SSA, the Final Report Part 2 G2 Case Study Miyun China, the Final Report Part 2 G3 Case Study AndesFinal Report Ppart 2 G4 Case Study Peruvian Amazon


Marine and Coastal Assessment

Consortium Director:

Professor Katrina Brown, Overseas Development Group/School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia, UK;


Dr Edward Allison, World Fish Center, Penang, Malaysia
Dr Graham Pilling, CEFAS, UK
Professor Rudy van der Elst, Oceanographic Research Institute, Durban, South Africa
Dr Tim McClanahan, Coral Reef Conservation Project, Mombasa, Kenya
Dr Ida Siason, University of the Philippines-Visayas, Philippines
Mrs Nguyen Thu Hue, The Centre for Marinelife Conservation & Community Development, Vietnam

Period of Award: 18.02.08–17.09.08. Value: £249,415.

Available from the project is: the Synthesis ReportAppendix 1 Global AssessmentAppendix 2 Western Indian Ocean Regional AssessmentAppendix 3 South East Asia AssessmentAppendix 4 Stakeholder WorkshopsAppendix 5 Focus Groups, and Appendix 6 Bibliography