Full Project List

This section holds information about current and recently concluded ESPA projects.


The 2016 Grants call was for research synthesis projects designed to significantly advance global understanding on the way that ecosystem services contribute to poverty alleviation.  The call funded a set of projects that build upon the scientific advances and evidence generated by existing ESPA projects.

Five "blue skies"projects that aim to change the way the world views the links between ecosystem services and poverty alleviation. Addressing the gaps and opportunities emerging from existing research, these projects are expected to inform thinking and practice over at least the next decade.

Eleven projects designed to enhance the academic and development impact of the ESPA programme. These projects will address a range of ecosystem services and associated benefits, and are linked to the multi-dimensional analysis of poverty and the ways that poor people can move out of poverty. They are working under one of three themes: sustainable, ecosystem-based pathways out of poverty; ecosystem services and the urban environment; or building on 
ESPA’s successes.

Six projects, specifically focussed on how ecosystems function to provide services in multi-functional landscapes - so that they can better support enhanced well-being of poor people in low-income countries.

These are three major ESPA projects with a duration of up to 5 years. These projects will form a major part of the ESPA research portfolio, and will provide significant new knowledge on the relationship between ecosystem services and poverty alleviation.

Four Evidence and Impact Research Grants (EIRGs) have been awarded to increase the impact of the ESPA programme through influencing key policy processes during 2012. The projects will run for up to 12 months.

These projects are exploring short-term, innovative concepts and methodologies for ESPA research.

These grants designed to address any significant unmet opportunities which could help put ESPA’s research into use. ESPA also commissioned a small research project to help understand how research is put into use.

The ESPA Directorate’s Open Access Grants were launched to increase the volume of high-quality evidence, attributable to the ESPA programme, being published in open access journals by ESPA-funded researchers.

ESPA emphasises the need to support researchers around the world to develop the skills and experience to generate and apply world-class research. The ESPA Fellowships are a new initiative which will support approximately 12 ESPA Fellows between 2014 and 2016 who will work with existing ESPA projects. 

Grants provided catalyst funding in preparation for submitting a proposal for future ESPA grants.

These projects were designed to strengthen research capacity to tackle the complex problems associated with the sustainable management of ecosystems for poverty alleviation.

This section contains details of the early ESPA Situation Analyses. These projects helped to design the research focus of the ESPA programme.