Partnership and Project Development Projects

The ESPA Partnership and Project Development Grants were funded in 2010, with the aim of enabling researchers to develop substantial, realistic and relevant research partnerships and research strategies in order to develop proposals for subsequent ESPA funding rounds.

Please see the project pages below for details of the individual projects.

Partnership and Project Development Grants were intended to support the following kinds of activity and the resources needed to undertake them:

  • Evidence gathering, strategic reviews and research needs/impacts assessments
  • Planning and hosting research meetings in order to build collaborations and develop research questions and hypotheses
  • Building appropriate research strategies, methodologies plans and proposals
  • Bringing together new working partnerships (south–south and north–south), collaborations and management mechanisms
  • Identifying and engaging with the appropriate decision-makers and beneficiaries
  • Developing leadership teams and project management procedures
  • Developing communication strategies and impact plans


ESPA Partnership and Project Development Projects

Project Title Lead PI Project Code
Amazonia-Yungas Observatory on Biodiversity and Indigenous Health and Well-being: Development of a South-South-North research and partner consortium Dr Carolyn Stephens NE/I003134/1
Biodiversity, agriculture, and livelihoods: Co-evolution and competition in an Andean-Amazonian watershed Dr Gordon Prain NE/I004408/1
Biomass energy - optimising its contribution to poverty reduction and ecosystem services Mr Duncan Macqueen NE/I002537/1
Capturing the value of coastal ecosystem services for poverty alleviation in East and Southern Africa Dr Fiona Nunan NE/I003746/1
Choosing wise investments in natural and built water infrastructure Dr Mark Smith NE/I00467X/1
Coastal ecosystems, governance and poverty: A case study of managing the Brahmaputra-Ganges mega-delta in a changing world Professor Robert Nicholls NE/I003878/1
Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa: Interactions of livestock/wildlife, poverty and environmental change Professor Melissa Leach NE/I004157/1
Ecosystem management to alleviate poverty on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau Professor Richard Bardgett NE/I004440/1
Ecosystem service sustainability and poverty reduction under land use change: A case study in Yunnan Province, China Professor Shaun Quegan NE/I003258/1
Ecosystem services for poverty alleviation under multiple stresses in mountainous Western China Professor Yongguan Zhu NE/I003959/1
Ecosystem services to alleviate iodine, selenium and zinc malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa Dr Martin Roger Broadley NE/I003347/1
Enhancing water for food: poverty reduction through improved management of ecosystem services for sustainable food production in sub-Saharan Africa Professor Augustus Nuwagaba NE/I002472/1
Food and ecosystem services in Eastern Africa Professor Sue White NE/I003827/1
Food security at the forest-agriculture interface: A complex systems analysis of ecosystem services trade-offs and tipping points Professor Terry Dawson NE/I002863/1
Forest dependent poor at the agricultural frontier: the complexity of poverty and the promise of sustainable forest ecosystems in Amazonia Dr Michelle Pinard NE/I004467/1
Future impacts of agricultural contaminants on ecosystem services in South Asia Dr Alistair Boxall NE/I003916/1
Greenhouse gas mitigation from Chinese agriculture (technical potential, economic efficiency and equity impacts) Dr Dominic Moran NE/I002375/1
Indian Ecosystem Service Initiative to promote sustainable livelihoods (IndES Initiative) Dr Marion Potschin NE/I002391/1
Livelihoods from ecosystems - reviewing dryland African experiences and opportunities, and developing novel research strategies and partnerships Professor Nigel Leader-Williams NE/I004580/1
Managing ecosystem services to reduce poverty and vulnerability in East African coffee landscapes Dr Philip Atkinson NE/I00422X/1
Managing land for carbon in southern Africa: relationships between carbon, livelihoods and ecosystem services Dr Lindsay Stringer NE/I003320/1
Mapping ecosystem services for agricultural improvement and human health in sub-Saharan Africa Professor Christopher Thomas NE/I004351/1
Mechanisms for human-induced changes in marine life: impacts on ecosystem services and poverty alleviation Dr Stephen Mangi NE/I002553/1
Modeling climate, ecosystem services and livelihoods to identify resilient governance systems Dr David Wilkie NE/I00260X/1
Sustainable delivery of pollination services to strengthen rural livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa Dr Jacobus Biesmeijer NE/I003576/1
Understanding and managing watershed services in Andean and Amazonian catchments Dr Jessica Budds NE/I004718/1
Valuing, implementing and evaluating Payments for Ecosystems Services in rural West Africa Professor Yadvinder Malhi NE/I003657/1
Water governance, livelihoods and wellbeing: adapting to change in African river basins Professor Tom Franks NE/I003010/1