Risks and Responses to Urban Futures: integrating peri-urban/urban synergies into urban development planning for enhanced ecosystem service benefits.

Lead PI
Professor Fiona Marshall
University of Sussex
Start Date
1 November, 2013
End Date
31 July, 2016
Project Code


Urbanisation brings the creation of new opportunities for many, while also resulting in a dramatic increase in the concentration of poverty and environmental degradation in peri-urban zones.This poses huge challenges for the health and livelihoods of an increasing number of disenfranchised, poor and marginalised citizens, and for the sustainable urban development.

This research project aims to explore the intersections between ES and poverty in peri-urban areas of India and the implications for urban development using spatio-temporal modelling to analyse interactions and trade-offs. Using data from five cities (Hyderabad, Bangalore, Varanasi, Kathmandu and Dhakaand) and Delhi, we will explore the use of time-series, space-for-time substitution and scenarios to explore the use of narratives and quantitative models of the likely impacts of current (and future) policies on ES and dependent livelihoods.

We will also actively engage with initiatives in other south Asian cities, building a network with partners from other Indian cities and in Nepal and Bangladesh through project-linked activities. This network will facilitate the joint development of research approaches and tools for policy engagement that can be applied more widely.

Authors Title Year Citations
Marshall, F. Recognizing Sustainability Frontiers In The Peri-urban 2016
Narain, D.Vishal;Vij, S.;Prakash, A.;Roth, D. Urbanization & periurbanization: Challenges for water governance in South Asia 2016
Name Role Organisation Country
Professor Fiona Marshall Bangladesh; India; Nepal
Professor Fiona Marshall Lead Principal Investigator University of Sussex United Kingdom
Dr Priyanie Amerasinghe Principal Investigator International Water Management Institute India
Dr Luna Bharati Co Investigator International Water Management Institute India
Professor Pranav Desai Co Investigator Jawaharlal Nehru University India
Dr MILAP PUNIA Co Investigator Jawaharlal Nehru University India
Dr Jorn Scharlemann Co Investigator University of Sussex United Kingdom
Dr Linda Waldman Co Investigator Institute of Development Studies United Kingdom