MOUNTAIN-EVO: Adaptive governance of mountain ecosystem services for poverty alleviation enabled by environmental virtual observatories

Lead PI
Dr Wouter Buytaert
Imperial College London
Start Date
30 June, 2013
End Date
31 May, 2017
Project Code


The world's mountains host some of the most complex, dynamic, and diverse ecosystems. But these environments are under severe threats, ranging from local deforestation and soil degradation to global climate change. At the same time climate models project stronger warming at high elevations, with potentially disastrous consequences for its ecosystems services, and the complexity of mountain make predicting the direction of future changes in ES extremely difficult. 

This project will analyse how monitoring and knowledge generation of ES in mountain regions can be improved, and used to support a process of adaptive, polycentric governance focused on poverty alleviation. 

We will do this by adopting the concept of Environmental Virtual Observatories (EVOs) in four remote and poor mountain regions: the Ethiopian highlands around lake Tana, the Central Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the Kaligandaki watershed in Northern Nepal, and the Andes of central Peru.

Further information:

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Name Role Organisation Country
Dr Wouter Buytaert Ethiopia; Kyrgyz Republic; Nepal; Peru
Dr Wouter Buytaert Lead Principal Investigator Imperial College London United Kingdom
Mr Johannes Chudoba Principal Investigator American University of Central Asia Kyrgyz Republic
Dr Bert De Bievre Principal Investigator CONDESAN Peru
Dr Art Dewulf Principal Investigator Wageningen University Netherlands
Professor David Hannah Principal Investigator University of Birmingham United Kingdom
Dr Julian Clark Co Investigator University of Birmingham United Kingdom
Dr Chad Dear Co Investigator University of Central Asia Kyrgyz Republic
Dr. Gert VAN HECKEN Advisory University of Antwerp Belgium
Ms. Praju GURING Researcher SOHAM Nepal Nepal
Ms Aiganysh ISAEVA Researcher University of Central Asia Kyrgyz Republic
 Mr. Santosh REGMI Researcher SOHAM Nepal Nepal
Ms Munavar ZHUMANOVA Researcher University of Central Asia Kyrgyzstan
Dr. Elisa OTEROS-ROZAS Research Fellow Social-ecological systems Laboratory Spain
Ms. Zed Diyana ZULKAFLI Research Fellow Imperial College London United Kingdom