ASSETS: Attaining Sustainable Services from Ecosystems through Trade-off Scenarios

Lead PI
Professor Guy Poppy
University of Southampton
Start Date
30 April, 2012
End Date
30 September, 2016
Project Code



This project aims to explicitly quantify the linkages between ecosystem services that affect - and are affected by - food security and nutritional health for the rural poor at the forest-agricultural interface.

By integrating a suite of complexity tools and cutting edge models with more traditional participatory assessments in the field, the project aims to:

  • identify how dynamic ecosystem services at the landscape scale translate to local-level nutritional diets and health
  • inform policy makers on how future land use and climate change will affect both food security and the ecosystem services associated with it. 

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Name Role Organisation Country
Professor Guy Poppy Colombia; Malawi; Peru
Professor Guy Poppy Lead Principal Investigator University of Southampton United Kingdom
Professor Sosten Staphiel Chiotha Principal Investigator University of Malawi Malawi
Dr Miro Honzák Principal Investigator Conservation International Foundation United States
Dr Andy Jarvis Principal Investigator CIAT Colombia
Dr Ferdinando Villa Principal Investigator Basque Centre for Climate Change bc3 Spain
Dr Julian David Chará Co Investigator CIPAV Colombia
Professor Terry Dawson Co Investigator University of Dundee United Kingdom
Dr Felix Eigenbrod Co Investigator University of Southampton United Kingdom
Dr Celia Harvey Co Investigator Conservation International United States
Dr Malcolm David Hudson Co Investigator University of Southampton United Kingdom
Dr Daniel Jamu Co Investigator WorldFish Center - Malawi Office Malawi
Professor Nyovani Madise Co Investigator University of Southampton United Kingdom
Dr Kate Schreckenberg Co Investigator University of Southampton United Kingdom
Professor Charlie Shackleton Co Investigator Rhodes University South Africa
Mr Erwin Palacios Researcher Co Investigator Conservation International Colombia
Mr Jeimar Tapasco Researcher Co Investigator Int Centre for Tropical Agriculture Colombia
Dr Nicolas Urbina Researcher Co Investigator Conservation International Foundation United States
Miss Patricia Bejarano Researcher Conservation International Foundation Colombia
Dr Dalitso Kafumbata Researcher University of Malawi Malawi
Mr GIBSON MPHEPO Researcher University of Malawi Malawi
Mr Joseph Nagoli Researcher WorldFish Center - Malawi Office Malawi
Mr. Carlos Andres Paez Researcher Conservation International Colombia
Mr Welton Phalira Researcher LEAD International United Kingdom
Marcela Quintero Researcher Peru
Dr. Gisella S. Cruz García Research Associate CIAT Colombia
Ms Zulma Duran Research Assistant Universidad Nacional Colombia
MSc Martha Vanegas Research Assistant CIAT Colombia
Carlos Alberto Torres Vitolas Research Fellow University of Southampton United Kingdom
Simon Willcock Research Fellow University of Southampton United Kingdom
Catalina Angel Subcontractor Contractor Colombia
MSc Tamara Bonilla Subcontractor Contractor Colombia
Carolin Bothe-Tews Administrative University of Southampton United Kingdom
Sandra Cardona Subcontractor Contractor Colombia
MSc Lina Gallego Subcontractor Contractor Colombia
MSc Daniel Giraldo Subcontractor Contractor Colombia
Mr. Diego Gonzales Subcontractor Colombia
MSc Roxana Rojas Subcontractor Contractor Colombia