Mapping Ecosystem Services for Agricultural Improvement and Human Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

Professor CJ Thomas
Aberystwyth University, IBERS
Start Date
1 August, 2010
End Date
31 January, 2011

The broad remit of this proposal is the development of tools for Managing Ecosystem Services for Health and Agricultural Improvement in sub-Saharan Africa.

Within this sphere of activity, this Partnership and Project Development proposal will draw together a trans-disciplinary team capable of: quantifying and mapping the links between the ecosystem services and the health and well-being of the people who depend upon them; modelling the impacts of changes to the ecosystem upon the population dependant upon its 'services' including climate change; developing practical responses to both existing and potential problems, aimed at reducing impacts upon the ecosystem and alleviating poverty and health problems through sympathetically improved agriculture, and; delivering these tools to those responsible for formulating policy and making decisions at the African research and policy levels.

This consortium will work together to develop a full proposal along the above lines for submission under the ESPA Health Theme. The trans-disciplinary approach of this project will enable researchers from different disciplines and key actors to develop a common vision, while preserving the richness and strength of their respective areas of knowledge. By adopting this approach at the outset the research team will avoid carrying out parallel studies whose results are pooled only at the end. The integration of knowledge and the mutual adoption of a common language and common goals, will take place during the development phase, while the research problems are being defined.

Name Role Organisation Country
Professor Christopher Thomas Lead Principal Investigator Aberystwyth University United Kingdom
Professor Michael Abberton Co Investigator International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Nigeria
Professor Mike Christie Co Investigator Aberystwyth University United Kingdom
Professor John Draper Co Investigator Aberystwyth University United Kingdom
Professor Wayne Powell Co Investigator Aberystwyth University United Kingdom