Water:shared - exchanging ESPA lessons with Bolivia, Madagascar and Mozambique

The objective of this project was that lessons from ESPA Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) research would be shared with policy-makers and practitioners, and would: 1) foment and help the development of new science-based watershed projects that would reduce poverty in Madagascar and Mozambique, and 2) improve existing Payment for Ecosystem Services programs in Bolivia and South Africa. Specific results were:
  1. Two five-day workshops in KwaZulu Natal and Madagascar brought together researchers and practitioners from Bolivia, Madagascar, South Africa, Lesotho and Mozambique to exchange lessons learned from ESPA-funded and other Payment for Ecosystem Services research.
  2. One synthesis report that combined these lessons learned into a “way forward” guide that transformed the results of ESPA research into a series of practical tools for Payment for Ecosystem Services watershed project design and implementation.

Long-term expected outcomes include:

  • Three new watershed PES programs improved/ refined based on the results of the two workshops 
  • Other PES programs improved based on implementers reading the synthesis report and applying the lessons
  • Direct communication about America-Africa Payment for Ecosystem Services experiences and lessons improved through the initiation of long term learning partnerships
  • Livelihoods of poor people in developing countries improved because effective Payment for Ecosystem Services become more widespread through the lesson learning we promote
Lead Principal Investigator
Organisation: Fundacion Natura Bolivia
Country: Bolivia