Water:shared - Presenting the results of ESPA research to practitioners and policy-makers at the Global Landscapes Forum 2015

WaterShared is a commitment of more than 75 municipal and regional governments across the Andes to protect their upstream water sources by conserving their forests, using three complementary mechanisms:

  •  Municipal Water Funds: new local institutions to finance watershed management
  • Reciprocal Watershed Agreements (RWA): reciprocity-based incentives for private and community conservation
  • Protected Area Creation: the locally-managed protection of upstream water factories

Much of the science underlying WaterShared was undertaken by the Natura Bolivia Foundation through ESPA grants NE/I00436X/1 and NE/L001470/1. This project took advantage of the presence of more than 2000 conservation and development practitioners, policy makers and thought leaders at the Global Landscapes Forum in Paris to present the results of our ESPA research, to explain its impact, and to launch a new phase of our programme: impact at scale, across different ecosystems, countries, political systems and levels of poverty.

Lead Principal Investigator
Organisation: Fundacion Natura Bolivia
Country: Bolivia