Our Team

The ESPA programme is governed by three bodies, each assigned a different role. The bodies are:

Please refer to the simple organisational structure.

Programme Management Unit

The Programme Management Unit (PMU) is responsible for ESPA’s day-to-day management, co-ordination and delivery. It is made up of the Directorate, the Programme Management Group and the Secretariat.

ESPA Directorate

The ESPA Directorate, based at the University of Edinburgh, is responsible for co-ordinating and implementing all ESPA activities as well as any general activities which add value to the programme.

The Directorate's activities include assisting projects with creating impact, monitoring and communication. There will also be targeted capacity building and research activities as the programme develops.

Please see the ESPA Directorate biographies for more information on all of the members of the team.

You can contact the Directorate through our contact page.

Programme Management Group

The Programme Management Group (PMG) includes members from the three funding partners, and makes decisions about ESPA’s management and operations on non-strategic matters. The PMG is accountable to the Programme Executive Board (PEB).

  • Alessandro Moscuzza, Department for International Development (DFID)
  • Dominique Butt, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
  • Christina Rowley, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)


The Secretariat, based at NERC, is responsible for managing ESPA on behalf of the funding partners. This includes managing finances, managing the process of some of the funding calls and awarding grants. The Secretariat follows the policies and procedures both of the Research Councils and of the Shared Services Centre (which supports the Research Councils' activities). To contact the ESPA Sectretariat please email espa [at] nerc.ac.uk. For full contact details please visit the NERC website.

  • Beth Taylor, NERC
  • James Box, NERC

Programme Executive Board

The Programme Executive Board (PEB) is responsible for delivering the ESPA programme and directing its strategy to ensure that objectives and the strategic needs of the funding partners are met. The funding partners include DFID, NERC and ESRC. Representatives, listed below, of the three funding bodies consitute the Board’s decision-making executives.

  • Steve Bass, International Institute for Environment and Development (Chair)
  • Simon Kerley, NERC
  • Christina Rowley, ESRC
  • Alessandro Moscuzza, DFID

International Programme Advisory Committee

The International Programme Advisory Committee (I-PAC) provides ESPA with independent advice, as required, on strategic and technical aspects of the programme.

Please see the list of current I-PAC members on the I-PAC page.