Invitation to tender: Documentary films

Invitation to Quote for three documentary films for the Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation programme

A. Documentary film: Nature in balance – Managing our environment to leave no-one behind

B. ESPA DELTAS film: Bangladesh - Visioning a sustainable future for the delta

C. ECOLIMITS film: Climate-smart cocoa – Putting a premium on the environment [working titles]

Date of RFQ release: 11th Sept 2017

Deadline for clarification questions: Friday 22nd September 12:00 UK time (GMT+1)

Clarification questions to be posted by: Monday 25th September 17:00 UK time (see attachment below)

Final deadline for submission of RFQ response: Friday 29th September 17:00 UK time

Expected work start date: Monday 9th October

Expected contract finish date: Wednesday 31st January 2018

All correspondence to: communication [at] and manager [at]

Part A The objective of the first part of the project is to invite proposals from interested organisations to work with the ESPA Directorate to co-produce a documentary film about the relationship between a healthy natural environment (well functioning ecosystem services) and human wellbeing, drawing upon the most significant findings of ESPA research. The contract will be to produce an approx. half hour documentary film together with a short, youtube ‘teaser’ version (3 minutes).

Part B The objective of the second part of the project is to re-purpose a 7 minute film that was made in 2015 solely on the subject of the DELTAS project, here:

Part C The objective of the third part of the project is to produce a standalone, 6-7 minute film solely about the ‘climate smart cocoa’ ECOLIMITS project in Ghana, which also forms part of the subject matter for the flagship documentary specified in Part A, above.

Please download the complete Invitation to Tender document below, for full information, noting the requirements for all bidders:

- To name the personnel who will undertake the work and include their curriculum vitae;

- To include a budget in GBP, including the number of proposed work days and the day rates for the named personnel.

A copy of the ESPA expenses policy is also attached below for reference.

The ESPA Directorate has responded to all clarification questions in writing in the attachment below.