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ESPA Leads The Way In Capacity Building

22 April, 2016
By Rina Mandimbiniaina Rabemorasata

Researcher Rina Rabemorasata attended our recent Summer School in New Lanark, Scotland. Here she tells us why, in her own words, ESPA gets it right when it comes to capacity building.

Madagascar has been a popular place to conduct high-level international research, especially about conservation, with most of it being led by foreign researchers. I’m always disappointed because they know more about our country than we do!

However, we don’t have access to their results (papers or books) because they are either very expensive or inaccessible in Madagascar. They also only use research recognised internationally rather than bringing a real impact on the ground, in country. In this process, local researchers are simply collecting data according to the research design and protocol already established. And we usually get very short training before going to the field. In such context, I would say that we are more translators rather than researchers – and this happens...

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Hold The Front Page - Chapter Four

21 April, 2016
By Rob Bruce

Welcome to our irregular blog which aims to capture interesting and inspiring stories, all in the one place, for those involved in science, ecosystems, development, poverty alleviation and human wellbeing.

50 million years of work lost due to depression

100m Indians exposed to risk of extreme flooding

If you say you are a thought probably aren't! 

Children bear the brunt of devastating...

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