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The Impact of Community Forest Management on Human Wellbeing

01 July, 2016
By Professor Julie Jones
Madagascar was one of the first countries in the southern hemisphere to put in place the legal framework for community forest management. This approach aims to conserve threatened forests while also providing benefits to local communities. My colleague, Ranaivo Rasolofoson, has led an analysis evaluating the impact of CFM on human wellbeing which is published today in the leading conservation journal Conservation Letters. 
“Impacts of Community Forest Management on Human Economic Well-Being across Madagascar” deserves attention from anyone interested in community forest management and, particularly, anyone interested in the complex challenge of assessing the impact of large scale conservation policies on human well-being.
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The Indian Water Crisis

13 June, 2016
By Bhaskar Vira




Key highlights:

  • India is facing one of its most serious droughts in recent memory – 330m people likely to be affected by water shortages 
  • The issue is so severe, more than 500,000 litres of water per day have been transported by train over 300km across the Deccan plateau
  • Urbanisation trends will excaberbate this situation, with the growing number of small towns and settlements all needing water to meet their needs
  • ...
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