Reporting ESPA’s Achievements

13 October, 2014
By By Paul van Gardingen, ESPA Director
ESPA currently has twenty active research projects around the world with a further eight ESPA Fellowships.  Our researchers and their teams are working long hours concentrating on delivering innovative world-class research and building partnerships that can turn their research into results that benefit the poor.  Knowing that, I do also understand the perception, which is common among researchers, that the reporting we ask of them is an administrative burden and never really used.
ESPA’s innovative nature, bringing together two UK Research Councils and the UK’s Department for International Development, means that the way it works differs from what most researchers are familiar with.  A budget exceeding £40 million also means that the results produced by the programme are closely scrutinised for evidence of the benefits to society that have come out of this very significant public investment in global science.
Our Impact Strategy states that ESPA’s success will be measured by “the way that the new knowledge generated by its research improves the lives of the...
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Creating a global green economy is not just about tackling CO2 emissions

13 October, 2014
By By John Carstensen, Head of Profession, Climate and Environment, DFID
Last month a report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate shed light on the cost of reducing carbon emissions. 
The report received some press coverage and helped frame the discussion. The most important new contribution, however, was probably not in what the report said, but rather who said it and who was behind the report. When top business leaders, former presidents and prime ministers, leading economists, bankers and finance experts contribute to a global debate in this way politicians are bound to listen.
The UK Prime Minister, for example, made strong references to the need for green growth in both developed and developing countries in his statement to the UN climate summit that was held in New York in September, including “…we need a framework built on green growth..” and “ when presented with an opportunity to safeguard the long-term future of the planet and our people, we should seize it”. Clear intentions.
Very often, however, the debate about green growth focuses narrowly...
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