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Bringing Our Research to Bear in Bangladesh

28 July, 2016
By Paul van Gardingen
I recently returned from a trip to Bangladesh to attend the 21st Poverty-Environment Partnership (PEP) meeting. Further information can be found in my blog here.
Whilst there I took the opportunity to catch up with other important stakeholders focussed on the best ways to get ESPA’s amazing research from the region used in the region (and beyond). I met with Dr Saleemul Huq from the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, a key department of the Independent University of Bangladesh. Our discussion centred on possible ways to enhance how ESPA and the University can work together...
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Governing Coastal and Marine Resources: Learning the Challenges of Multi-level Governance

27 July, 2016
By Dr Fiona Nunan


  • The multiple ways people benefit for natural resources mean there are multiple stakeholders involved in natural resource governance
  • ESPA project CESEA is looking to scale up and replicate the success of Mikoko Pamoja, the world's first community led mangrove conservation programme  
  • Interactions between "actors" tends to be occasional and dependent on specific projects. There is little sharing of data, and sucess or otherwise is often dependent on personalities rather than organisations.
  • ...
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