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Research Evidence Vital For Developing Pro-poor Biodiversity Plans

20 May, 2016
By Jyotiraj Patra and Madhav Karki

To mark International Biodiversity Day on 22 May 2016 - which has "sustaining people and their livelihoods" as its central theme - ESPA's Regional Evidence Advisor Jyotiraj Patra joins forces with Madhav Karki to give their joint perspective on how nature can be best nurtured to enhance human wellbeing. 

Karki is Co-Chair, IPBES Regional Assessment of Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services in Asia Pacific, and South Asia Chair of the IUCN/Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM). Patra is also an active member of the same group.

Key summary::

  • Growing demand for food, water, energy and other activities that use natural resources mean that biodiversity and ecosystem services need to be integral to policy and planning processes.
  • ...
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Stuff - Chapter Seven

20 May, 2016
By Rob Bruce

Welcome to "Stuff", our irregular blog which aims to capture interesting and inspiring stories, all in the one place, for those involved in science, ecosystems, development, poverty alleviation and human wellbeing.

The connection between competition and poverty (The World Bank)


Ending poverty means...

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