Building Capacity for Ecosystem Services to Reduce Poverty

28 July, 2014
By By Paul van Gardingen, ESPA Director

Over the last month the ESPA programme has been very pleased to welcome eight very talented researchers who have been awarded ESPA Fellowships.  Over the next three years, our ESPA Fellows will be working with projects in Africa and South Asia to enhance their own capacity to undertake ESPA research, whilst also supporting the uptake of research to ensure that poor people benefit from the sustainable management and use of ecosystem services.  Over the coming months each of the new Fellows will be providing blogs about their work on the ESPA website.

This year’s ESPA Annual Meeting continues the theme of making ESPA’s science more accessible to groups who wish to put ESPA knowledge to use to benefit the poor.  For the first time, this meeting will be held outside the UK, with the conference being held in New Delhi India, on 26-27 November.  Registration is now open and I hope to see a mix of ESPA researchers, researchers from outside ESPA and most importantly potential users of ESPA research.  The meeting has a series of thematic sessions, linked to the key...

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ESPA's Innovation for Impact

26 May, 2014
By Paul van Gardingen, ESPA Director

Over the last month I have had a number of opportunities to reflect on the way that ESPA is delivering impact, helping to improve the lives of poor people in low-income countries.  For those of you who attended the first ESPA meeting in October 2010, you may remember that, at that time, I laid out a vision for ESPA: that it would not just do innovative science but thatit would be truly innovative in the way that it does science.  Now, in 2014, halfway through the programme, I see growing evidence of the value delivered by that innovation and a growing interest in the way in which the ESPA programme works, and the contribution made by the ESPA Directorate.

In May, I was invited by the International Council for Science (ICSU) to South Africa to attend a meeting which brought together the research and development communities to consider how international research could help to address the changes for Africa linked to Global Environmental Change, and  potentially feeding into...

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