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COP 13 And Marine Benefits: A Guest Blog

20 January, 2017
By Dr Daniela Diz

Our Marine Benefits project’s PI Professor Elisa Morgera and Dr. Daniela Diz attended the 2016 UN Biodiversity Conference in Cancun, Mexico, in December. The Conference was attended by over 8,000 delegates from governments, UN agencies, intergovernmental, non-governmental, indigenous and local community organizations, academia and the private sector.

Dr Diz gives us her personal perspective of the event in this guest blog.

Key Take Outs

  • The key decisions adopted by COP13 relating to the marine environment included mainstreaming biodiversity into fishing; protected areas and endangered species; debris and underwater noise reduction; food security, and equity/justice for the communites that rely...
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Bangladesh Confronts Climate Change: Free Review Copies

09 January, 2017
By Rob Bruce

Bangladesh Confronts Climate Change recounts how this low lying and densely populated country, which is in the front line of climate change, is taking an active role in adapting to the situation. This interesting account of a nation's self determination to deal with natural chaos was written by Manoj Roy...

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