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Coastal Ecosystems In Africa: New Research Papers

02 December, 2016
By Rob Bruce

There are few coastal-based Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes in the developing world, yet they have the potential to contribute to localised poverty reduction, coastal protection and conservation, and carbon storage.

Our CESEA project aims to find ways to increase the number of communities that can benefit from PES schemes while highlighting the range of ecosystems that can be protected. The...

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Reflections from the ESPA 2016 Annual Science Conference in Nairobi

21 November, 2016
By Doreen Ruth Amule, Member of Parliament, Uganda
The presentations and lessons that were presented at the ESPA Annual science Conference were very good but it excluded the thinking and views of ordinary African people.
There are questions that have to be addressed in an African context or rather the “local man” context. These questions could be:
  • Does the local man understand that he ecologically exists and benefits more from environment than the environment does from them?
  • Do local people understand that their effect on the environment has a negative effect on their lives both now and in the future?
  • Are they ready to accept positive environmental change?
  • What is the mind-set of the leaders at the National, Regional, Sub-regional, District level and community level? Can they support a change of attitude that would protect the environment and support conservation?
Having these questions in mind would help in answering the social, economic, cultural and political behaviours that affect local people. The mind-set of local people whether young, old, woman or man is not easy to change nor is it a one day or even a...
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