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ESPA's Urban Projects In Asia

14 September, 2016
By Rob Bruce

We've just produced a new leaflet highlighting some of our poverty alleviation work in Asia's urban areas. Download a copy here

Empowering the Poor for Improved Ecosystem Services Benefits and Resilience

08 August, 2016
By Jyotiraj Patra (Regional Advisor, ESPA) and Yeeshu Shukla (Regional Resilience Officer, Christian Aid)

Key Take Outs:

  • Poor and marginalised people’s rightful access to, and equitable benefits from, ecosystem services is critical to their resilience and well-being.
  • Resilience building initiatives should better integrate and support activities to better manage ecosystem services in a given context.
  • Nuanced understanding on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and adaptation to climate change is key to resilience building in multi hazard zones at the frontlines.
  • Pro poor resilience building strategies require fostering multi stakeholder partnerships involving government, research institutions, non- government agencies and community groups.
  • ...
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