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14 September, 2016
We've just produced a new leaflet highlighting some of our poverty alleviation work in Asia's urban areas. Download a copy here
8 August, 2016
Key Take Outs: Poor and marginalised people’s rightful access to, and equitable benefits from, ecosystem services is critical to their resilience and well-being. Resilience building initiatives should better integrate and...
3 August, 2016
The story of the landless plight of Agustina Tarimo, living in a remote village in Tanzania, told by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an article published last week is sadly not an unfamiliar one. The harsh reality faced by poor...
28 July, 2016
I recently returned from a trip to Bangladesh to attend the 21st Poverty-Environment Partnership (PEP) meeting. Further information can be found in my blog here.   Whilst there I took the opportunity to catch up with other...
27 July, 2016
  The multiple ways people benefit for natural resources mean there are multiple stakeholders involved in natural resource governance ESPA project CESEA is looking to scale up and replicate the success of Mikoko Pamoja, the...
26 July, 2016
    Mangroves soak up to 6 times as much carbon as rainforests and are worth $194,000 per hectare to local economies, yet 60% of this vital ecosystem has been lost in the past 50 years Mikoko Pamoja is the world's first...
25 July, 2016
It’s great to see the BBC pick up on a story that will come as no surprise to those of us that work in the world of ecosystems services. But what might be news to the BBC, that farming and forestry can deliver food security, is...
14 July, 2016
“It is now high time for all countries to translate what has been agreed to on paper into actions on the ground - after all, how else are we going to create a more just and sustainable world?” I recently visited Bangladesh to...
1 July, 2016
  Madagascar was one of the first countries in the southern hemisphere to put in place the legal framework for community forest management. This approach aims to conserve threatened forests while also providing benefits to...
22 June, 2016
The solution lies in pursuing an integrated approach to development that incorporates economic, social and environmental dimensions, and a transition towards inclusive, green economies.  The Poverty Environment Initiative (PEI)...