Extended to 20 October: Invitation to Quote - Publishing services

ESPA seeks a supplier to help produce its end-of-programme, flagship publications. Deadline now extended to 13:00 (UK), Friday 20 October.


ESPA’s researchers have continued to push the boundaries in exploring what wellbeing means to different people and how it is influenced by – and in turn affects – ecosystem services. And they have often done so using innovative methods that combine the best of the natural and social sciences. In this final year of the programme, ESPA researchers are producing a book, synthesising the programme’s findings. The ESPA book will bring together the key results and insights from the 8+ year programme: charting how ecosystem services underpin human wellbeing and how their wise use could provide the foundations for helping low income and vulnerable populations out of poverty.

The full book is being edited by Dr Kate Schreckenberg, ESPA Director, and Dame Professor Georgina Mace, ESPA Science Advisor. The individual chapters are being written by experts in their fields and will be subject to validation by other ESPA researchers at the ESPA Annual Science Conference in November 2017. The book is primarily an academic product.

ESPA recognises that a shorter, more compact form, drawing out key messages for policy audiences, will be required.

Summary of this Invitation to Quote

This Invitation to Quote invites qualified companies to tender for the publication of two summaries for policy-makers that ESPA will produce based on its book.

The ESPA team will also draft the policy summaries. Your job? To turn the texts into amazing products that will help us to win the hearts and minds of decision-makers and natural resource managers with the power to fight poverty.

We are seeking a publishing supplier to help us produce the first of these policy summaries in a highly compelling, digital interactive form, and to work with us to produce both summaries in the form of a colourful and accessible pdf and hard copy. This Invitation to Quote covers: proofreading, design, layout and printing of these publications.

The ESPA team also plans to hold a set of ‘finale’ events in February-March 2018 in South Asia and East Africa. At these events, we will meet many stakeholders who are interested in our scientific findings and eager to use and share them, but who have poor internet access, and therefore prefer to access our literature on USB stick rather than via internet. In response to this demand, we intend to commission a collection of ESPA publications on USB sticks – navigable by an interactive welcome screen, for distribution at these events. The Invitation to Quote includes a requirement to produce 750 USB sticks.

Please find the details of the Invitation to Quote in the documents below.

Key dates

Date of issue of this tender: 29 September 2017
Closing date for queries submitted to manager [at] espa.ac.uk and communication [at] espa.ac.uk: Friday 6 October 2017, 17:00 UK time
Clarification questions and answers posted on ESPA website: By close of business Monday 9 October 2017
Closing date for receipt of final proposal: Deadline now extended to 13:00 UK time on Friday 20 October. This deadline supercedes the original deadline of Thursday 19 October stated in the Invitation to Quote document.


Featured image courtesy of International Institute of Tropical Agriculture