Dr Asquith speaks at Global Landscapes Forum in Paris

ESPA researcher Dr Nigel Asquith is to speak in Paris this weekend at the Global Landscapes Forum.

As world leaders convene in Paris to agree a new climate deal at the Climate Conference, the Global Landscapes Forum brings together 2,500 stakeholders from sectors including forestry, agriculture, water, energy, law and finance, to discuss land-use issues.

Dr Asquith will lead a panel discussing the launch of Water:Shared, an initiative of more than 125 municipal and regional governments across the Andes to protect their upstream water sources by conserving their forests.

Dr Asquith works for the Bolivia-based Natura Foundation, which helped initiate a new incentive-based water conservation model – reciprocal watershed agreements – in 2003.

He has been leading an ESPA-funded project that seeks to identify conditions under which small-scale Payments for Environmental Services can deliver sustainable improvements in welfare.

Find out more about the project here.

Find out more about the Global Landscape Forum event here.


4 December, 2015