ESPA-2016 synthesis scoping

The ESPA programme is undertaking a consultation to gather views of the way that global understanding of the concept of Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation has advanced in the five years since the main body of ESPA research was first commissioned.  Over that time there is growing evidence of linkages and also better understanding of the processes linking ecosystem services and human well-being.  It is now recognised that the relationship may not always be positive (i.e. over-reliance on ecosystem services may sometimes enhance poverty) and that poor people in developing countries may not always receive an equitable share of the benefits that come from ecosystems.

This review is being undertaken to inform the design of ESPA’s last major science call, ESPA-2016 which will commission a set of academic synthesis studies of key topics that have emerged in the field since the ESPA programme commenced.  The synthesis reviews will be asked to assess ESPA’s contribution to global understanding, but will also be asked to consider how other research programmes have contributed so that ESPA’s research can be viewed in a wider global context.  
In addition to assessing the major advances over the last five years, the consultation wishes to ask where there are major evidence or knowledge gaps, where new research may be required.
This review will help the ESPA programme to assess and document the current research landscape and the contribution that has been made by ESPA.  This is part of a wider “horizon scanning” process that will assist ESPA’s funders to define the scope for the ESPA-2016 call and potentially other future investments in this area of research.
Deadline: 23:45 Sunday 1st November 2015