Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Academic Writing Residency Competition

The annual fall competition for academic writing residencies at the Foundation’s Bellagio Center is now open.

The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, through conferences and residency programs, supports the work of scholars, artists, policymakers, and practitioners who share in the Foundation’s pioneering mission to “promote the well-being of humanity.” The Bellagio Residency program offers these individuals a setting conducive to focused work, and the unparalleled opportunity to establish new connections with fellow residents from a stimulating array of disciplines and geographies.


  • Well-established and highly accomplished academics whose work is aligned with or may inform the discourse around the Rockefeller Foundation’s goals to build resilience and more inclusive economies. Those working on projects that relate to our focus areas are also highly encouraged (Transform Cities, Secure Livelihoods, Revalue Ecosystems and Advance Health).
  • Academics who are at an inflection point in their work—they may be ready to pivot and experiment with something new, or may be in a position to reflect and generate insights from a lifetime of experience
  • Academics whose work has the potential for significant impact—perhaps by shifting thinking in a field, or sparking new ideas
  • Academics who want to engage in a diverse cross-sector community, who are good listeners and collaborators, and who are highly intellectually curious

In addition to these criteria, they are particularly interested in attracting more applicants working in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

Key dates

  • Competition opens on October 1, 2015
  • Deadline for applications on December 1, 2015
  • Applicants accepted during this open call will be awarded residencies between August and December of 2016.