NERC Follow-on Fund/KE Call

Applications are invited to NERC’s Follow-on Fund and NERC’s Knowledge Exchange Call.

NERC is running the Follow-on Fund in combination with the Knowledge Exchange Call. Both are designed to enable researchers to further develop the output from NERC funded research in order to deliver impact.

The Follow-on Fund is aimed at supporting activity focused upon the commercialisation of research outputs.

The KE Call aims to support the development of outputs, such as products, models, tools, etc, which have the potential to generate significant impact through meeting the needs of users but generate no commercial return.

An 'Expression of Interest' (EoI) stage has been introduced in an attempt to eliminate unsuitable proposals before applicants spend a lot of time on an unfundable submission; and to help applicants with potentially good ideas put in the strongest possible 'full' proposal. (Brief) feedback will be provided on both successful and unsuccessful EoIs.

The closing date for Expressions of Interest is Tuesday 26 March 2013.  Only applications passing the EoI stage will be invited to make a full submission.

The closing date for subsequent full is 4pm, 5 June 2013.

NERC also funds a Follow-on Fund 'Pathfinder' scheme to support small-scale, specific activities that can help develop a better understanding of future work needs and may be beneficial when submitting a full Follow-on Fund application.

More information and contact details are at:

Follow-on Fund:

Knowledge Exchange Call: