Announcement of Opportunity for BESS workshops

The BESS (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Sustainability) programme is a 6-year, £13 million research programme addressing NERC strategic challenges and societal needs and the UK Government’s strategic priorities with respect to biodiversity, ecosystems and their services. The science plan for BESS can be found on the BESS website.

This funding call is for workshops which contribute to the goals of the BESS programme, with an indicative cost of up to £8000 per workshop or series of workshops.  Workshops should provide a platform to bring together researchers and their relevant stakeholder community to explore particular issues or ideas. Bringing together people with different skills, experiences and viewpoints can generate new ideas and approaches to scientific challenges, helping to advance scientific progress on topics that that might otherwise represent significant stumbling blocks.

How to get involved

BESS is now accepting proposals for one-off workshops, or short series of workshops, in any BESS area. Applications must come from individuals at UK HEIs and independent research institutes eligible for RCUK.  Applications should be made on the pro-forma, detailing the work to be done, the composition and membership of the workshop group, likely outputs and deliverables and costings.

Workshops will be funded up to a maximum of £8,000, which could include travel for up to two international participants.

Meetings may take any form, although it is suggested that the maximum number of participants should not exceed 20. Workshops that involve any of the following  are particularly welcomed: the creation of continuing links between researchers and practitioners; those which facilitate the professional development of early career researchers; those that help to generate greater application of BESS science in the policy and user community; those that seek to develop proposals for further work to funding bodies outside BESS.

Evaluation will be based on the following criteria: scientific merit; fit to the BESS programme; defined outputs, as publication or other concrete form; topicality or need; knowledge transfer; professional development of early career researchers; value for money.

All applications will be assessed by members of the BESS PAG and Directorate and specialist reviewers sought where and if appropriate.  There is no specific closing date for applications. It should be note that successful applicants will not receive an up-front award to an institution, rather the costs incurred will be claimed from the BESS Directorate. An application pro-forma and further details are available at the BESS website. Informal enquiries should be directed to the BESS Director david.raffaelli [at] ()