Hold The Front Page: Chapter 1

Rob Bruce
March 30, 2016

Welcome to the first edition of our irregular blog which aims to capture interesting and inspiring stories in the one place for those involved in science, ecosystems, development, poverty alleviation and human wellbeing.

I hope you enjoy it, and find it as useful as I did pulling it together……..until the next time!

News & Views Links

It’s OK to brag about your CSR mission

Kenya’s largest mobile operator Safaricom wants to put children’s rights first

Transforming India using digital technology

The unseen positive impact of DFID (via Global Citizen)

The University of Edinburgh backs a campaign to combat the use of scarce minerals to finance war

Harvesting water from fog via Triple Pundit

Cancer surgery to be live streamed via virtual technology

Are we understanding urban poverty properly? (via ODI)

Smart politics essential for economic development (via ODI)

Cities need to be at the core of sustainable development (via the World Bank)


Can businesses ever source responsibly from a war zone?

Zoonoses: who gets sick and why?

Up to £1m available in grants to synthesise ESPA research (via NERC)

And THE science story of 2016 so far.....Boaty McBoatface (Via NERC)


Image credits: Safaricom (creche) and Aqua de Niebla (water towers)