Impact has always been at the heart of ESPA, but in 2016 and beyond it will become an even bigger focus for us, our researchers and our funders. Hence the reason we have launched a new Impact Strategy. This supercedes all our other strategies (except the Knowledge strategy) from March 2016 onwards. 

We aim to fill knowledge gaps with new insights and evidence, and to persuade decision-makers and comunities to act differently by using ecosystems in a sustainable way to improve the the wellbeing of the world's poor.

The pathway for research investments and their findings are typically longer term and occur in very complex contexts. These challenges are unavoidable, but our Impact Strategy and associated Theory of Change aim to overcome those by providing links from a range of activities and outputs in the short, medium and longer term.

Please visit the Impact Stories page to view ESPA's impact stories.

Useful Links

As a researcher, you can draw on many tools to help turn your research into impact, including:

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