Impact is at the heart of ESPA. ESPA’s research will improve the lives of poor people in developing countries by filling knowledge gaps that currently limit the way that ecosystem services contribute to the alleviation of poverty. ESPA’s Impact Strategy describes how the ESPA programme will ensure that this new knowledge is used to deliver significant and sustainable development impact.

See some examples of ESPA's impact below.

ESPA’s approach to achieving impact on people’s lives is innovative and consists of four interlinked components, all of which are delivered by working through people and partnerships, as shown in the programme’s Impact Framework (see Figure 1 below).


ESPA Impact Framework

Figure 1: ESPA's Impact Framework.



Examples of ESPA's Impact

Please visit the Making an Impact page to view ESPA's impact stories.

Useful Links

As a researcher, you can draw on many tools to help turn your research into impact, including:

If you have any feedback on the ESPA Impact Strategy, please send it to admin [at] (subject: Impact%20Strategy) . This is a living document so please check back regularly for updates.