Tim Daw

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University of East Anglia


School of International Developement (DEV)

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Publication in Relevant Areas

1. Pollnac, R. et al. Marine reserves as linked social–ecological systems. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2010). 2. Cinner, J.E. et al. Linking Social and Ecological Systems to Sustain Coral Reef Fisheries. Current Biology 19, 206-212 (2009). 3. Cinner, J.E., Daw, T. & McClanahan, T.R. Socioeconomic Factors that Affect Artisanal Fishers' Readiness to Exit a Declining Fishery. Conservation Biology 23, 124-130 (2009). 4. McClanahan, T. et al. Conservation action in a changing climate. Conservation Letters 1, 53-59 (2008). 5. Daw, T.M., Robinson, J. & Graham, N.A.J. (In Press)Perceptions of trends in Seychelles artisanal trap fisheries: Comparing catch monitoring, underwater visual census and fishers' knowledge. Environmental Conservation 6. Brown, K., Daw, T.M., Rosendo, S., Bunce, M. & Cherret, N. Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation: Marine & Coastal Situational Analysis. Synthesis Report.

Countries of Research Interest

Western Indian Ocean, East Africa.

Statement of Interest in the Call

Contribuiting to a consortium bid on coastal and marine ecosystem services.