Rehema White


University of St Andrews


Sustainable Development

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Publication in Relevant Areas

White, R.M., Fischer, van der Wal, Marshall, Travis, di Falco, Webb and Redpath (2009) Developing an integrated conceptual framework to understand biodiversity conflicts. Land Use Policy 26: 242-253. Marshall, K., R.M. White and A. Fischer (2007) Conflicts between humans over wildlife management: on the diversity of stakeholder attitudes and implications for conflict management. Biodiversity and Conservation Online first. White, R.M., et al (2005) Conflict management, participation, social learning and attitudes in biodiversity conservation. Report for EU ALTERnet R4. White. R.M. (2004) People and forest fauna: a case study from coastal dune forest in the Transkei region of the Eastern Cape. Indigenous forests and woodlands: policy, people and practice. Ed Lawes, Eeley, Shackleton, Geach. White, R.M. (2004) A paradox for environmental education: how can we ‘deliver training to targets’ using ‘participatory, reflective approaches’? Southern African Journal of Environmental Education 21:81-93. White, R.M., Dumalisile and Sisitka (2004) Strategic needs assessment for Natural Resource Management training and awareness raising and updating of the training plan ( Report for WWF-SA, EU Wild Coast Prog.

Countries of Research Interest

10 years living and working in South Africa, also interests in other African countries (collaboration underway or in place in Kenya, Malawi and Zambia currently). PhD student working on a project in Sri Lanka. Interested especially in Africa, but also in Sri Lanka and in comparative approaches. I spent a year in Mexico and am also interested in Amazonia.

Statement of Interest in the Call

I am interested in developing and joining research projects or knowledge mobilisaiton or educational initiatives in the broad field of sustainable development, but with specific focus that meets a call.